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Multicolour Cylon NecklaceMulticolour Cylon Necklace
Multicolour Cylon Necklace

Sapphire 28.19 carat x 66 / Yellow Gold 14 karat. Feel the romantic lure radiating from this exquisite set. A common misconception is that all Sapphires are blue. This Multicolour Cylon Necklace boasts 66 x...

Multicolour Cylon EarringsMulticolour Cylon Earrings
Multicolour Cylon Earrings

Sapphire 10.68 carat x 22 / Yellow Gold 14 karat. These earrings pair with the Multicolour Cylon Necklace to create a romantic set of stunning Sapphires ranging in colour. It is hard to resist the...

Sapphire Cage NecklaceSapphire Cage Necklace
Sapphire Cage Necklace

Blue Sapphires 16 x 0.10 carat / Diamonds 16 x 0.04 carat / White Gold 18 karat. A beautifully crafted circle pendant, representing eternity, is made up of 16 Sapphires and 16 Diamonds, all floating together...

Victoria Falls NecklaceVictoria Falls Necklace
Victoria Falls Necklace

Sapphire 839 x 3 pointer / Black Diamond 273 x 2pt / White Diamond 550 x 1/2 pointer / White Gold 14 karat. This stunning sapphire and diamond necklace represents the great Victoria Falls named...

The Boat Sapphire RingThe Boat Sapphire Ring
The Boat Sapphire Ring

Sapphire 5.6 carat / Diamond 32 x 1/2 pointer / White Gold 18 karat. Few gems have held our attention over millennia as well as Sapphires. These gems are adamantine, with a most beautiful reflection,...

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