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Creating Social Value: The UNHCR/JOA Programme

01 Apr 2020

L-R Jewel of Africa Managing Director Dr Rajnish Sharma with the Jewel of Africa /UNHCR Apprenticeship Candidates Albert Ntumba, Mwape Tegra, Edidia Banza, Doila Haviman and David William.

With 87,491 asylum seekers and refugees throughout Zambia, economic vulnerabilities predominant in refugee settlements place youths at a risk of criminal vices whilst seeking employment and livelihoods[1].

In a partnership with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), Jewel of Africa has extended its Apprenticeship Programme to the Commission to bring on-board identified youths from the refugee programme to access training and possible employment in the art of jewelry making.

Our Apprenticeship Programme is a skills transfer initiative that facilitates training and mentor-ship to the youths, in the community, that may have an interest in gemstones and jewelry manufacturing.

The candidates will receive intensive and detailed training on jewelry production from cutting and polishing to crafting the finest jewelry that Zambia has to offer.

Speaking on the partnership, Jewel of Africa Managing Director, Dr Rajnish Sharma said “It is our desire to see more youths take a keen interest in this craft as there is potential to grow this industry locally and internationally. Not only will they be empowered to make jewelry and find employment but they will be equipped with the knowledge to set up their own businesses.”

He ended by saying, “Zambia is known for the hospitality of its people and the country has given refuge to many people in distress from sub-Saharan Africa. Jewel of Africa[i] wishes to play a small part in extending to other people of concern, opportunities to make a living through our apprenticeship programme which aims to train them in the art of jewelry making.”


[1] UNHCR Registration Data- Zambia (February, 2020). 

[i] Jewel of Africa creates artisan, custom made jewelry from a range of exquisite gemstones all hand made in Zambia by Zambians.

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