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The Heritage Collection

02 May 2021

The Jewel of Africa emerged as an endeavor of Zambia’s first gemologist Dr. K. B. Sharma, creating a brand of local handcrafted jewelry to sustainably develop the gemstone industry in Zambia. Since our establishment in 1992, Jewel of Africa has grown to become a fully vertically integrated business and one of the leading local and global retailers of Zambian gemstones. We now house five stores across Zambia and have extended our global reach across Africa, to the USA, Europe, China, UAE and India.

Jewel of Africa has introduced landmark technological innovations in the industry such as the first DNA-tagging for emeralds. We possess state-of-the-art technology in 3D printing and laser cutting equipment, making Jewel of Africa the leader in bespoke and original jewelry design and manufacture in Zambia. Our brand is now a second-generation run business with Ms. Rashmi Sharma as Director of Sales and Marketing and Dr. Rajnish Sharma as Managing Director.

With expertise as a mining engineer, Dr. Rajnish is in the front line of industry development and has been at the helm of the private sector and government initiatives to develop this industry in Zambia. He is also well-versed in the practice of gemstone cutting. Ms. Rashmi is a highly experienced gemologist as well as jewelry designer whose passion for excellence is depicted in her unique pieces that elevate Zambian gemstones to new heights. These eclectic jewelry designs are globally worn, cutting across geographical and cultural barriers.

Zambia’s soil births eight varieties of beautiful gemstones. The most remarkable of these is the Emerald, a true Zambian legacy. As Zambia accounts for 46% of the world’s production of emeralds, this rare stone not only forms part of our national heritage, but also puts Zambia as a forerunner in the global gemstone industry. Our emeralds are considered of the highest quality and are truly unique in comparison to emeralds found elsewhere in the world. Such rare qualities include a highly desirable rich blue undertone which appears from the presence of iron, giving the gemstone incredible depth. The minimal inclusions boost the emerald’s internal reflection resulting in clarity, luster, and brilliance. Zambian emeralds also tend to be naturally stronger than others, this durability and hardness stems from their origin and process of formation.

Jewel of Africa shines a spotlight on Zambian Emeralds. An exquisite design that deserves special mention is one of our bespoke signature pieces, “The Kudu”, which forms part of our May Heritage Collection. With a prestigious reputation of over 20 years, this piece exemplifies the highest craftsmanship. The pinnacle of this beauty lies in the 9.8-carat emerald that hangs from the diamond encrusted Kudu horns. Set in 18 karat yellow gold, this stone emulates 95% clarity and is a beautiful showcase of the mastery in the art of jewelry design that Jewel of Africa has on offer.

No matter how big or small your jewelry dreams are, Jewel of Africa is sure to bring these to life by designing and manufacturing custom-made pieces according to our client's desires and specifications. Our mission “you dream, we create”, aims to deliver world-class pieces, beautifully crafted here in Zambia. Jewel of Africa pays sublime homage to the local gemstone industry by a vertically-integrated process of ethically sourcing, in-house design, local manufacture to retail - coining the tag line “Mine to you”. Environmental protection and regeneration is of the utmost importance to our brand, who pride themselves in following a business model that produces tangible and sustainable outcomes. Apart from being an innovator and thought leader, Jewel of Africa is championing the Zambian gemstone mining industry by continued support and empowerment of the local community by means of various projects. These include sponsorships and donations to community schools and a sports academy for vulnerable orphans. We have also partnered with UNHCR to recruit and train refugees in our jewelry craftsmanship.

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