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The New Face of Jewel Of Africa

11 Jul 2020

The Face of Jewel of Africa is Miss Mwaka Halwiindi!!

One way of telling the Story about the Zambian Gemstones is by getting the young generation to be ambassadors. It is in this vein that we launched the “Face of Jewel of Africa” Competition.

We received over 420 entries of Zambian young people; 16 finalists were selected and invited for professional photo-shoot wearing our jewellery. Their pictures have been posted on the Jewel of Africa Facebook page for a popular vote. The face with the most likes was Mwaka Halwiindi; she won a K10,000 jewellery voucher and a chance to promote the Zambian gemstones & jewellery tourism to the World.

Another objective is to highlight that all our jewellery is manufactured here in Lusaka by Zambian jeweller. We truly want to advocate the local gemstones and jewellery, speaking directly to a new generation of clients to build a new industry.

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